Best Wireless External Hard Drives

All my life I had had external hard drives, from the old ones of only about 120GB onwards, which despite the low capacity were super heavy and bulky. However, over time I was testing better models, since I could not bear the fact of carrying a thousand cables all the time and carrying such heavy devices with me.

That’s when I decided to buy the best wireless external hard drive and began to enjoy the benefits of having fewer cables and lots and lots of connectivity. Is that WiFi solves everything and gives you total comfort.

What is the best wireless external hard drive?

As there are many makes and models on the market, it is not always easy to choose ours. Sometimes we are tempted to take the cheapest one to save a little more, while others prefer the most expensive thinking that it will be better simply because of its high price. The truth is that price is not everything and there are more factors to consider.

So, to help you choose, we have made a comparison list with the best multimedia hard drives of all, from those with the most capacity to those with the most extensive battery. For them!

1. WD My Passport Wireless External Hard Drive

This 500GB hard drive is all you need, since its battery will last you about 10 hours, it transmits 4K videos, and it has a USB port and an SD card reader. You can use it as an external battery for mobiles and tablets. There is up to 2TB.

2. Seagate Archive Wireless External Hard Drive

Its 500GB are enough for everything and it also has SATA III and USB 2.0 connections, although due to its capacity for 802.11b / g / n WiFi you will not need them. Its battery will last you about 6 hours, it connects with 3 devices at the same time and makes backup copies with ease.

3. SanDisk Connect Wireless External Hard Drive

Although it has a fairly short capacity compared to other models, it is great for transmitting content or giving additional space to a mobile or tablet. It reads memory cards, its battery lasts 8 hours and it is compatible with many different operating systems. It is ideal for light use.

4. Asus 1TB Wireless Duo wireless external hard drive

If capacity is your thing, this hard drive with 1TB and USB 3.0 connectivity will be all you need. In addition to that, it transmits at 5000 Mbits / s, its battery lasts about 6 hours, it is waterproof and it is super light. Its design is also phenomenal.

5.  Apple ME177 AirPort Time Capsule Wireless External Hard  Drive

This is the highest capacity on our list, with an amazing 2TB of storage and connectivity to two bands: 2.4GHz and 5GHz. It also supports WPA and WPA security protocols and brings all of Apple’s elegant and compact design, highly recommended for demanding users.

What is a wireless external hard drive?

They are simply external storage units with a lot of capacity and that have an addition that makes them even more portable and convenient: WiFi connectivity. Its utility resides in that you can store your files without using cables and even connect several devices simultaneously to have more storage space, as if it were a personal cloud, just for you. There you can save everything and without restrictions.

Benefits of wireless external hard drives

Not only do they serve you to store photos, movies, files and music, but they also have many other advantages that you can surely enjoy to the fullest:

Forget about cables

If you are like me and have had computers from an early age, you may have noticed that cables have gradually disappeared, to the point that today we practically only use cables for the electrical supply of devices. Why should it be any different for external hard drives?

Your own cloud

Storing your files in the cloud can be risky, because with so many information theft we don’t know where our data could end up. Therefore, with a wireless external hard drive you will have all the security of knowing that only you will be able to access your precious files.

For multiple devices

Once you turn on your wireless portable hard drive, you just have to connect any of your devices and start sharing content. All at the same time and without the need for annoying cables.

Upload files wherever you want

It doesn’t matter how far you are from your hard drive, the only thing that matters is that it has a stable internet connection. Only with that you will be able to upload files whenever and wherever you want.

They are an excellent backup

You can create backup copies of any of your devices, especially when it comes to large capacity external hard drives such as 1TB or 2. You will always have access to them without delay or inconvenience.

Storage space

These storage beasts typically come with more than 500GB of capacity so you can fit anything you can think of in them.

Easy to use

Best of all, they are very easy to use, you just have to make sure you have enough battery and a stable and fast internet connection. Even if you don’t know anything about computers and technology, you can use it without problems.

They are portable

WiFi hard drives are wireless and use batteries. Do you need something else?

What to look for in a good wireless external hard drive


The first thing is always to check the total capacity of the device. If you can choose up to 2TB, so much the better.

Connectivity options

Not only does the hard drive need to be connected to the internet, but it can also be easily synced with other devices. Some even have a USB connection and others with an SD card reader.

Likewise, make sure they’re made for Mac, PC, smartphones, iPhone, Android, iPads, tablets, laptops, and more.

Power supply

As usual they should be battery powered, only some can be charged via USB only and others have a dedicated charging pin.


Since they are made to be carried with you everywhere, make sure they are light, compact and comfortable and that they will fit in your backpack.

Battery duration

Since we never want to have to charge our devices all the time, it is best to get hold of high battery hard drives, especially if it is for streaming. Look for the lithium ion ones.

With SD or without SD

As I told you, the less economical models have an SD card reader, ideal for photographers.

WiFi versatility

Some models can even be used as a hotspot for your mobiles, as if it were a router. Others can connect to two networks at the same time.

Content streaming

The device must have the capacity to reproduce videos at the moment, with very high image quality and without lag.

Card readers

Many hard drives come with micro SD, SD and other card readers. Ideally, you have one of them for greater versatility.

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